2019 AFC Exhibiting Artists Announced

Vancouver, BC CANADA - July 9, 2019 - Artists for Conservation is thrilled to announce this year's selection of artworks juried into the 2019 AFC Exhibit - 200 total artworks by 142 artists from 15 countries. 

The AFC exhibit is the world's top conservation-themed art exhibit and sale supporting conservation. Artwork in the exhibit is for sale and ranges in price from $500 to $50,000. Approximately 40% of proceeds from artwork sales benefits conservation and environmental education, and each artwork is dedicated to supporting a conservation organization of the artist's choice.

To offer a greater opportunity for inclusiveness, particularly for artists who live in locations where the costs of shipping to Canada are prohibitive, artists were given the option to participate in the virtual exhibit only.

90 artists' works supporting conservation will premiere for sale at #AFCFestival2019 in Vancouver, BC this September 26 - 29th at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in partnership with Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver Botanical Garden Association.

Many of the exhibiting artists will be present for the opening weekend for special events, and to provide programming – special lectures, live painting demonstrations and much more.

Artists whose work is included in the live exhibit in Vancouver are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Aja, Douglas (USA) London, Anne (USA)
*Anderson, Cher (USA) Lutz, Jan (USA)
*Anderson, Walt (USA) Mansell, Patricia (Canada)
*Armstrong, Rosemarie (Canada) Mark-Finberg, Laura (USA)
*Arnett, Stuart (Canada) Marshall, Pete (Australia)
Bach, Del-Bourree (USA) Maynard, Chris (USA)
*Baldwin, Priscilla (USA) *McCune, Michelle (USA)
*Banks, Patricia (Canada) *McManiman, Candy (Canada)
*Barrett Justis, Suzanne (USA) *McMillan-Hayes, Vickie (USA)
Bartels, Ute (Germany) *McNeil, Kelly (Canada)
Bates, Serena (USA) *Middleton, Kim (USA)
Beerli-Bieler, Lucrezia (USA) *Munkittrick, Dianne (USA)
*Bertolo, Alejandro (Canada) *Nicholls, Calvin (Canada)
Besse, Linda (USA) Nishino, Kentaro (Japan)
*Billingsley, Cindy (USA) Norwich-Young, Dorset (Canada)
*Blackwell, Peter (Kenya) *Orlando, Ron (USA)
*Bowring, Emma (UK) O’Sullivan, Mary Louise (USA)
*Breger, Varda (Israel) Patterson, Matt (USA)
*Brest van Kempen, Carel (USA) *Pepin, Patricia (Canada)
Carretta, Roy (Canada) *Peyton, Anne (USA)
*Chunat, Wayne (USA) *Popp, Betsy (USA)
Coheleach, Guy (USA) Qiu, Ji (Australia)
*Cook, Carrie (USA) *Raffin, Luke (Canada)
*Coombes, Bryan (Canada) *Ragg, Jerry (USA)
*Crouter, Anni (USA) Rainbird, John (Australia)
Dao, Hoang (Vietnam) *Rainville, Donald (USA)
*Davis, Daniel (USA) *Refahi, Leila (Iran)
*Dreyer, Rob (USA) Ritchie, William (Australia)
Dumas, Michael (Canada) *Rodriguez, Theresa (USA)
*Dunn, Kathleen E. (USA) *Rosetta, (USA)
*DuPuis-Rosen, Linda (USA) *Ross, Carleen (Canada)
*Earle, Vicky (Canada) *Rusin, Len (USA)
*Feltner, Linda (USA) *Savage, Patricia (USA)
*Fiorentino, James (USA) *Schlenker, Robert (USA)
Fisher, Cynthie (USA) Seerey-Lester, John (USA)
Fleming, Garry (Australia) Seerey-Lester, Suzie (USA)
*Fox, Susan (USA) Simmons, Geraldine (Australia)
*Ganz, Tykie (USA) Snoots, Karin (USA)
Goulding, Fiona (New Zealand) Sorensen, Linda (Canada)
Griffin, Patricia (USA) Sorley-Keichinger, Cindy (Canada)
Gylling, Gemma (USA) *Spera, Edward (Canada)
*Höhlig, Diana (Germany) *Starkevich, Colin (Canada)
Hamanaka, Setsuo (Japan) *Stewart, James (Canada)
*Harvey, Guy (Cayman Islands) Strelive, Uta (Canada)
Harvill, Kitty (Brazil) *Studwell, Judy (USA)
Hildreth, Susan (USA) Sutton, Linda (USA)
*Hiser, Doug (USA) Taylor, Mary (USA)
Hobson, Mark (Canada) *Taylor, Tammy (Canada)
Hough, James (Australia) *Theriault, Colette (Canada)
Ingham, Barry (Australia) *Thivierge, Claude (Canada)
*Ivanyi, Rachel (USA) *Thumbar, Chirag (India)
*Ivester, Taylor (USA) Tiessen, Josh (Canada)
*Jackman, Pat (USA) *Toft, Kim (Australia)
*Janosik, Jon (USA) Truss, Jonathan (UK)
Jesic, Stephen (Australia) *Trygg, Joyce (Canada)
Jessen, Mary Jane (Canada) Tucker, Ezra (USA)
*Johnson, David Bruce (Canada) *van der Kelen, Géry (Canada)
*Karryl, (USA) *Van Rijn, Eva (USA)
*Kellner, Justin (USA) Vanderpas, Margarethe (Canada)
*Kiesow, James (USA) Vik, Lyn (Canada)
*Kleinsteiber, Kathy (USA) Waltke, Lynn (USA)
*Koensgen, Joseph (Canada) *Weber, Katherine (USA)
*Kramer, Carina (Germany) *Weiss, Cathy (USA)
Krishnan, Krish (USA) *Weller, Kerri (Canada)
Kurlan, Whitney (USA) *Wheeler, Rick (USA)
*LaFogg Docherty, Deborah (USA) Wiegmink, Paula (Australia)
*Latham, Rebecca (USA) *Wilson, Donna (Canada)
Laurence-Rowe, Karen (UK) *Woodall, Terry (USA)
Lawes, Bruce (Canada) Woodbury, Ellen (USA)
*Levitsky, Laura (Canada) *Zhang, Dongguang (China)
*Lindamood, Patsy (USA)  

Thank you to our jury for their generous contribution of time and expertise. Jurors in this year's exhibit included:

  • Brent Cooke (AFC Sculptor, Past Director of Royal BC Museum and AFC Board Member)
  • James Hough - AFC Artist and 2018 Best-in-Show winner (Australia)
  • Emily Kames - Curator of the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art (USA)
  • Joshua Rose - Editor, Western Art Collector Magazine (USA)
  • Debra Usher (Editor/Publisher of Arabella Magazine)

AFC congratulates all artists who have been selected for the 2019 Artists for Conservation Exhibit. 


About Artists for Conservation

Artists for Conservation (AFC) is the world's leading group of artists supporting the environment. Founded in 1997, the non-profit organization comprises a membership of 500 of the world's most gifted nature artists from 27 countries, across five continents. Dedicated to nurture, promote and leverage its world-class community of artists in support of our natural world, AFC drives its mission through three key programs: Art & Environmental Education; Field Work & Research; and Artist Development. The Artists for Conservation Festival is AFC's annual flagship initiative to showcase, support and further these programs. http://www.artistsforconservation.org/

Slideshow Image Credits (above):

  • "Collins Inlet Georgian Bay" painting by Margarethe Vanderpas (Canada)
  • "The Better to See You" mixed media charcoal/painting by Anne London (USA)
  • "Apsley Bee Eaters" acrylic painting by James Hough (Australia)
  • "Tofino Beach Bums" (Crows) acrylic painting by Dorset Norwich-Young (Canada)
  • "Monarchs of the Rockies" (Moose) bronze sculpture by Rob Dreyer (USA)
  • "Angel in the Houston Zoo" (Gorilla) painting by Carrie Cook (USA)
  • "The last Elephant" mixed media painting by Varda Breger (Isreal)
  • "When there were many" oil painting by Jonathan Truss (UK)
  • "In His Prime, Gobi Argali Ram" painting by Susan Fox (USA)

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